Friday, December 16, 2011


After playing an hour of angry birds and watching 101 Dalmations on the apple TV,  I've come to realize that I wont be falling asleep anytime soon.  Yes, I can only breathe out of my left nostril if thats what you were wondering.  And yes, I'm having cramps in my right leg for some strange reason. I've got a lot on my mind. So to "relax" I came out into the living room, plugged in the lights to the Christmas tree, and started organizing my boards on Pinterest. Can I even recall what life was like before I had a Pinterest account? Nope. It keeps me busy though, I'm always working on something so I can check it off my "to-do" board. I'm stressed. Robbie has interviews for a good position with Verizon this week in their business department.  Fingers crossed. While I am beyond grateful that he works two jobs and 65+ hours a week so that I can stay home with our kiddo, I miss him.  We don't really get to see each other much and I hate that. School starts back up for me in less than 3 weeks and I'm pretty worried about that. I've got a math class (silly, silly me for putting off my math classes as long as I could) a black/white photography class, a drawing class (YIKES!..not my forte) and 2D/typography class. I know it doesn't sound like much, but dang.. art classes take up so much time with all the projects you've got going on. I'm a little worried about how my time will be spent. I don't want to miss out on being with my Brynnie boo.  I still don't have a babysitting schedule worked out yet either...better get on that...and I still want to be able to see my husband whenever possible.  Leave it to me to be a worry-wart.  Its my calling in life. To worry about dumb stuff. Dumb stuff that will never happen. And overanalyzing everything thats going on. Like how I'm worried about school for example. Somebody write me a prescription for Effexor please. In other news, I've made two adorable Christmas shirts for Brynn and crocheted a cowl for myself. But I don't have buttons for it yet, darn. I really want to crochet these ridiculously cute pear coasters next. But those might have to hold off for a while seeing as how I'm going to be a busy mama in a couple weeks. Super excited to visit my family in Casper for a few days over Christmas. I loveeee Christmas. We just got the Muppets Christmas Carol and Im super stoked to watch that asap. We also bought the Alvin and the Chipmunks compilation of Christmas episodes that have been on air since the beginning of time. This post is pointless so I'm signing off now. Au revoir. 


  1. I know exactly how ya feel Ashleigh... I'm a massive worry wart and it was sooooooooo hard when I never saw Bri because of work and school!!! It will all work out and if ya ever need help with Brynnlee I can watch her for ya :D <3 ya girly

  2. I've already watched Muppets Christmas Carol twice this year!

    As for the school/Mommy can make it work. I go to school, work and love Ava to death. It gets a little hectic sometimes, but I don't doubt that it's worth it!! Good luck to Robbie!